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Singida – Urban School Meals Project

School Meals

We are currently developing a program to provide school meals to a primary school in Singida – Urban. This project is proposed to address the concerns of school attendance, performance, and malnutrition in the region. By providing children with a free school meal, attendance will rise as students are incentivized by the food and no longer need to remain at home to eat. Additionally, it will take some financial pressure of families in terms of providing early-day meals for their children, meaning they are less likely to need the children to work. Due to malnourishment in school, students frequently are unable to concentrate or fall asleep (or miss school altogether). This program will address those issues and should therefore improve performance, both by increasing the student’s ability to do schoolwork as well as increasing the number of days they are in school. Finally, this program will have health benefits by addressing critical levels of malnourishment in young children. This project is currently in the development phase. Implementation is set to begin in mid-August.

About us

The idea for the Mo Dewji Foundation was conceived in 2000, when the CEO of MeTL Group, Mohammed Dewji, driven by passion and ambitions for the society, made great efforts to develop and expand the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and its role in creating positive change.


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